Two Rabbits

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Two Rabbits

Post by mmg77 »

Hi all, need some help with a dream that has been puzzeling me the last two days.

I dreamed where I was at my current parents home, in the back yard. It was at night, but there was light from the porch. As I walked around the backyard I saw where the grass had been cut and the trees were were tall, huge and trimmed. There were two young rabbits (in the dream they were my rabbits) playfully running around the backyard. I also saw the family's dogs calmly lying in the grass.

The two rabbits ran under this huge tree and then off in the distance. The area they ran to was dark so I couldn't see them. I called them and they came. They were still playful and ran past me and went to what looked like a little mound of feces that was in the grass. They both ate/nibbled on the feces and one of the rabbits after nibbling on the feces brushed itself against it and got in on them.

I was horrified and began to call them away from the feces.

I have an idea as to what the Lord maybe telling me but would like to hear to other views. Thanks
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Re: Two Rabbits

Post by bjcollin »

Just some thoughts... Seems like a peaceful dream overall. Everything seems calm even at night time when there is not much illumination. To me the parents house back yard represents your spiritual heritage and a safe place. Rabbits are only found 1 place in the Bible that I can find in Lev 11 and the only comment there is that it is considered an unclean animal and not to be eaten. It almost seems in this dream that the rabbits are almost akin to sheep in that they seem to represent a playful fellowship going on that seems to venture off into some dark places at one point and then even is later consuming dung instead of food which is not good. Godly direction is needed to be given to the rabbits. The question I have is are the rabbits representing some aspect of your life or are the representative of somebody who is in your life that you know. I suspect that you are the one who know this, so I would say just wait out the dream and confirm from the Lord what He is trying to tell you in the dream and that process will draw you closer to Him and help you to understand His language to you more. Hope this rambling helps some.

in Christ,
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Re: Two Rabbits

Post by PastorJKG »

rabbits often speak of potential increase. Perhaps double potential, but also potential for getting into something defiling. It brings to mind the passage about the cattle getting the stall dirty but still able to bring great increase or revenue. Proverbs 14:4 Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox. Parents could speak of inheritance or things inherited. Back yard seems more personal than the front yard. Anybody can see the front but only those allowed in see the back. Not an overall interp, just identifying some symbols

Hope this helps