ookaay ! an alligator dream ....this was last night !

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ookaay ! an alligator dream ....this was last night !

Post by kingnme »

apparently we lived on a beach in a trailer without steps so it was space below between the threshold and the ground

........ so i went to the door to go out...to my astonishment it was overnight... the beach waves came up flooding down below....

about a hundred feet away there was a cement stairwell that you can go up to but it was totally flooded with beachwaves

like the closer i wud have had to to get to the stairwell the deeper the water had gotten overnight

so standing at the thresh hold of the door looking out to my right in the overflow of beachwater

...here comes this alligator cruising UP ....but here is the scary part

the DOOR opened OUTWARDLY so i cuddnt close the door with ease without having to jump down GRAB the knob close it BEFORE this gator

grab me or something.....like the TIMING was crazy ...so i backed further in the home ...

my hubby then came up

my thots were:
"how is he going to close the door without having to jump down... GRAB the knob.... close it... ALL! BEFORE this gator show its nature ???" :x

wen i looked again ....it was inside first it was turned inward i walked up to look

then NOW it was turned toward GOING out....my hubby then grabbed the door... he grabs knob ...

he is then shooing that big thing outta here! ...no harm was done but the threat was shaking me up enuff :cry:

any interps???
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Re: ookaay ! an alligator dream ....this was last night !

Post by bjcollin »

alligators are big mouths lurking under the surface unseen. Don't fear, your temporary situation is well under control and no harm will come.
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Re: ookaay ! an alligator dream ....this was last night !

Post by PastorJKG »

BJ is right. Also alligators are apex predators that inhabit streams, lakes, and rivers and make them unsafe fearful places. People who are of another spirit that come into the house of God and look for opportunities to feed on the abundance of fish (New converts and immature believers). They are sent by the enemy in much the same way as satan is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

Hope this helps