REPOST: old dreams never answered pls

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REPOST: old dreams never answered pls

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Hello everyone!!! I just looked at the last time I was on here for the Joan of Arc dream and that's been well over three years ago. My dreams dimmed dramatically during that period, however, looks like now God is firing His messages to me back up. I've had 3 powerful dreams within this week that I see some of His possible message yet not all. For reading sake I'll try to condense:

Monday night:
Dreamt of hanging out with mom at bottom Hill of her neighborhood. Across from our view were houses on hill from one house in particular their backyard, 3 dogs were loosed and began charging towards us I yelled at mom get in the Murano don't you see those dogs coming (now they'd turned into wolves), mom didn't see so she wouldn't really move I yelled again here they come as they were VERY close this time...she sees we barely make it into car...I race is up hill wolves now turn into 3 cheetahs but we finally make it into garage safe. I come bk out of garage to look downhill cheetahs stopped halfway up panting one sees me is about to come charging with crew but suddenly changes mind tells crew let's go they turn go bk downhill disappear

Tuesday night:
Dream starts off with a fight with a bully. I'm with my boyfriend /fiance we are in house notice disturbance with bully outside banging around house trying to force way in. So we rush around house boarding up doors and windows quickly so he can't get thru...he's infuriated and starts banging louder and more threatening then finds a door beats it beats it until upper part of door diagonally twists leaving bit of openness and he immediately grabs fiance by head and torso snatching him!!! He's growling at me as I have legs portion of body trying to pull back in he growls that I CAN'T have him so we're in a tug of war!! Fiance is screaming brutally in pain because with the door not being opened all the way the bully is trying to squeeze him thru such a small opening and its scaring up his body. I yank him by legs telling bully Noooo you can't take him and I eventually free him from grasp. Now scene changes I'm with friend getting ready to go inside movies but before we do she shares with me a blessing affirmation she speaks over her children and she had them recite it out loud. Immediately after friend's angry sister shows and wants to force her way inside with us. We take off to get away try to find seats before she makes it in so she won't know where we're sitting however theatre doesn't turn lights off in time she comes in sees area and rushes over by us causing a scene with belligerent yelling , profanity and just upsetting behavior period!!! She refused to stop saying we have to let her sit with us!! Friend now changes into being my mom and at highest disturbance from woman, mom decides to leave out for she's running over to me because I'm alone and she begins to fight me trying to take seat...I fight back by pushing her out aisle etc to get her to go away looooNgggg story short no matter how I fought she would not leave now movie goes are complaining manager and personnel pages for us to come out I'm insulted because didn't do anything wrong but as I go up to inform manager, she comes to block me starts fighting to which I physically have her down on ground practically smashing her head into floor yelling Leave Meeee ALONE!!! (IRL)I wake up sprawled across bed and had really yelled those words in my sleep that's what woke me up terrified!! I jumped out of bed and began praying around my house in warfare!!

Thursday's :
Dreamt was at work in my classroom to pick up some items then return home as I do students come to visit. I talk with them but inform them can't stay leaving soon as I look outside my class door my eyes zoom like camera across yard and fence to see an Air Force base lot being filled up with tanks, armored vehicles, soldiers in full gear and weapons to which it's so filled that now they have literally come right in front of my class door parking more vehicles, dropping off more soldiers as one greets nee and smiles as I stand at door my mind I was thinking they're suiting up for a huge war looks like !!!

Sorry tried best to shortened but they do all seem connected. Any helpppp would be very much appreciated. Keep me in prayer
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Re: REPOST: old dreams never answered pls

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Welcome back to the Tehillah Dreams board. Since this is posted in the general questions section, I will answer the question part of your post, then I will copy this post into the dreams for interpretation section.

Yes we all as dreamers go through times in our lives when we are having less dreams and times in our lives when we are having more dreams. Most often for me, this was because I was not pressing into or seeking the Lord for more during those dry times. To me it most often is not that God is speaking more/less at those times, but it is that we are not listening more/less at those times.