Paint job

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Paint job

Post by kingnme » Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:06 pm

:shock: Dreaming

I'm in this neighborhood casually talking to someone I left them went on walking...I came upon this beautiful home had this contemporary yet antiquity look about it

I walked around it ... went to the patio area saw stacks of paint looked as though it was in the owners mind to do but it landed on the honey do list instead .....

soooooo i took the paint (shrug)

annnnnnd I started painting.......

ohmygah !!!!! I was soooo nerve I cud hardly stand it my mind was racing my heartwas even faster than that

all I cud think while I'm getting the rollers as I start to paint was what are these people who I don't even know from Adams house cat!! Gonna say to me if they catch me in their home?????

It was pretty much breaking and entering to do a house job????😂 (I'm laughing but nervous)

I went around with this lonnng paint rollor I was being Soo careful of what I was doing understanding that these people have no idea who I am let alone even here....

I went around the home very carefully choosing what's to paint and what's NOT to paint

It was nerve wracking in my sleep ...

It seemed like it took hours to do
As I'm finishing up


She has shopping bags in her hands....

She sees me😶....

She was sooooo glad!!!!!


Soo apparently SHE was doing some sweating herself wen I turned around her home was super PACKED TO THR WALLS OF dinner guests was RIGHT ON TIME!!!!
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Re: Paint job

Post by bjcollin » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:19 pm

hummm painting in this dream seems to represent preparing for something that is coming in the near future