at home;my siblings;witnessing;flying

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at home;my siblings;witnessing;flying

Post by kingnme » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:01 pm

with this dream it felt like " i ate pizza" so many turns and switching of the scenes ....okay

dream: a realtor came to my home (IRL we are currently working to get a home) he knocked however the door was ever so slightly cracked open
i let him in ...he wanted coffee i looked at him... he walks off a bit he was grabbing one of those individual coffee packets for one cup kinna thing

...but heres the thing

IRL :roll: I DONT drink coffee ..dont bring it home a tea drinker ...but he managed to go and get one

...sooo he is heading to the sink ....its full of dirty dishes

he is looking for a cup to put his coffee into ...i went to the bathroom to grab him a mug ...looked in this white mug ...its dirty!

( i hated that part of the dream cuz :shock: i thot of white washed sepulchers)

:shock: so hurrying up i tried to wash and dry it LIKE REEALY FAST before i bring it out to him ....HE SHOWS up??? to the bathroom where i was ...arrrgh!

so i dropped that idea as he was reaching to use it ... i was like noo!!!! i GOT SOMETHIN!!

i ran outtta the bathroom ran BACK to the kitchen grabbed a pack of styrofoam cups pulled one out and gave him that instead .........

dream switches :

im with my three sisters ...we were at a gathering wearing beautiful formal wear ...looking very nice! my aging mom whom i did not necessarily see in the dream ..she needed something outta the trunk of a car outside sisters wuddnt go a very nasty disposition type way they sent me to get it ...but here's the thing ITS POURING outside ...i was NOT happy ...

(im formally dressed and like a cinderalla or something they sent ME to go out)

still in the dream : i walked out speaking out loud ..."why are they doing this to me??... they wuddnt do this (while wearing formal wear) ...why are they so terrible towards me da-da-da-da " (dont get me wrong IRL i wud have done that but in the dream i sensed a black sheep kinna deal going on with that it was a "knowing they cud have done that diffrently )

still in the dream : so my baby sister walks out to help ...(it seems as though she saw thu it somehow and her coming out to help was her way of NOT agreeing with wut was going on with the other two sisters)

dream switches

im walking in a dark alley and im seeing men inside of the backdoors watching live porn im yelling at them GET SAVED !! JESUS IS COMING SOO QUICKLY ...GET SAVED !! over and over ..... before you know it IM FLYING in the orbit the skies going !!

thats all i cud remember....thank you !!
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