School of prophet was

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School of prophet was

Post by lynadvs » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:00 am

In t this dream I remember being at church in the sanctuary praying. I was praying out loud and quite passionately. At first I was there alone and gradually other ministers begin to enter the sanctuary. In spite of other people being there I continued to walk around the sanctuary praying. Some of the faces We’re familiar to me.
After while the others begin migrating over to some sort of conveyor belt ( like they have in the airport) to go to the class and eventually I made my way over there as well. I remember to my left beinext to someone I used to know which was a little awkward.To my right my in real life coworker. I don’t know if she is saved . I remember discussing with her the assignment that was due. Each one of us were assigned a portion of scripture to do a sermon.. my assignment was in King. I remember discussing with Destiny that I would tie it in with Faith without works is dead in the book of James. Destiny seemed rather concerned that I did not have any notes for my sermon written out. I decided to trust God to give me the words to say. No one knew what order the bishop/professor would call us.... we just knew to be prepared.
No sooner than we arrived to the classrooms, the bishop/ professor called on Destiny to go first. She told him that she was not ready. To my surprise, the bishop did not give her any flack. I decided to look over a few more

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Re: School of prophet was

Post by bjcollin » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:52 pm


Great dream. To me this dream speaks to being prepared in and out of season, which was Paul's admonition to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:1-5. (also ref 1 Peter 3:15). Some people in church are taking the easy path and just getting along or going through the motions it seems (conveyer belt), some just make excuses or simply are not prepared at this time (Destiny), but you are finding that it does take both spiritual time and physical time to be prepared. As James says in James 2:14-26, either way you go whether with faith and no works, or with works and no faith it is just as bad, so the secret is that it takes both faith and works. Definitely trust in God to give you the words, but also do your good diligence and study so that you will have those words ready when you are called on and the Holy Spirit can bring them back to mind and fill your mouth with His words. Hope this helps.

God Bless you, In Christ