Ocean Turned to Dryland

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Ocean Turned to Dryland

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In my dream this morning I was swimming up an ocean/ huge body of water swimming against some small tides. I reached a point and felt I have swarm enough . I decided to turned to swim back to where i left my things . When I turned to swim back the entire ocean/huge body of water miraculously become a dry land and I walk back on dryland instead, of swimming back. I was shocked by the transformation. Astonished, I asked the ocean guards what happened because I was shocked by the event. They said that the have gathered all the water and diverted them into the bottle beneath the earth. And thy allowed to take a peep of the blue water of the ocean where the bottled all of them beneath the earth.As I was in the dream it reminded me of the verse in Job 38:4 where God asked him if he know how he anchored all the water in the oceans. “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.
I then realized that they have swept away the things I left behind including my purse. I woke up very shocked and terrified by this dream.

Please , I need help with interpretation of this dream.

God Bless You

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Re: Ocean Turned to Dryland

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The Dreams and Visions section is for dreams. I replied to your dream in that section.

The Dream Questions section is for questions specifically related to dreams and their interpretation.

Did you have any specific questions other than just seeking the dream interpretation? If so post them here.

Again, welcome to the Tehillah Dreams board. Great first post.

in Christ,