Fraudulent check

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Fraudulent check

Post by lynadvs » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:41 am

Hi All

I had a dream that a former friend that she deposited a check in her bank account and that she made a copy of the check and deposited that too. She told me this as if she did nothing wrong. I remember thinking to myself “that’s illegal! Why is she telling me this with such boldness and confidence? She said the same thing several more times. I am wondering why is it that she does see that this is wrong! Then I had a vision of the check and the copy. One had blue water marks and the other had red water marks. The check was fo a small amount....if I remember correctly it was for $38. She told me once again that she deposited the check into her bank account and that she made a copy and deposited that too. This time I told her that it is illegal or wrong.

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Re: Fraudulent check

Post by bjcollin » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:20 pm


I feel that the meaning of this dream firstly hinges on the meaning of the number 38. For the number 38 one dream symbol source says righteousness and the other dream symbol source says slavery. These are both older sources, so I am not sure which applies here to the dream yet, possibly neither do. Most of the more modern sources that I have access to do not even list the number 38 at all. ... mit=Search

So let's turn to the Bible... There are a few usages of the number 38 in scripture. Refs: Deuteronomy 2:14, 1 Kings 16:29, 2 Kings 15:8, 1 Chronicles 23:3, and John 5:5. The first and the last references are the ones that caught my attention... The Israelites wandered around the desert 38 years until a generation of men had perished as God had promised them. Also the Healing at Bethesda, the man had been ill for 38 years before he encountered Jesus and He healed him. In both of these passages the number 38 seems to indicate a time of getting out of sickness or affliction, i.e. a time of fulfillment of the trial by God. I think this last Biblical definition of 38 might be way more applicable for the dream than the first two are.

What is obvious over all in the dream is that you feel that this friend is doing something that is against God's law by double dipping or copying this $38 check, one in red and one in blue and depositing them into their account.

Symbology for Red (+) Wisdom, anointing, power; (-) anger, war and for Blue (+) Communion, revelation; (-) depression, sorrow, anxiety

Bank accounts are sometimes symbolic of answered prayers and what God is accounting to us or banking up and holding for us.

So I put this base question back to you, can we as Christians see God bring an end to our trials and tribulations by praying in either the Red path or praying in the Blue path, or even though it doesn't seem right being safe and praying on both paths?

I hope this helps you on the dream.

in Christ,