Late for a class with John Hagee

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Late for a class with John Hagee

Post by bjcollin » Wed Jun 10, 2020 8:56 pm

Dream 6/10/2020 - In the dream I was in a large fellowship hall of a huge church having breakfast or talking with pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone church, which is one of the largest churches here in San Antonio TX. We were talking about something important when all of a sudden I noticed that the digital clock on the nearby wall turned from 9:39 to 9:40 (I knew my sunday school class always starts at 9:30), so then I said to some man nearby excitedly "Why didn't somebody come and tell me that I was running late?" John Hagee and I then both started moving together quickly from that fellowship hall into a connecting large auditorium that was being used as a large sunday school classroom and there were many people inside there everywhere, they were just talking and fellowshiping waiting for the class to begin. As we were quickly walking down the aisle of the auditorium, I was in front and he was quickly following up behind me and even catching up with me. As we were going down the aisle, I called out in a loud voice, "Everybody please take your seats quickly please, we are running late today!" When we were almost to the front of the room I stopped and stepped to the side of the aisle and allowed John Hagee to pass me and go first onto the stage, and as a courtesy I said "After you sir." As he passed me by he seemed a bit annoyed or even angry with me that we were late and he made the passing comment "They are just like you." He then stepped up a couple of stairs to the small platform, and I was following him up onto the platform as the dream ended.

PS: I live in the same city as this famous pastor, but I do not attend his church nor do I speak in it. I have been in a service in his church maybe twice inside of 40 years, so I am not familiar with his church, but in the dream it seemed that I had the feeling that I was inside of his church and that was my sunday school class that I taught for him. Also in the dream, when he passed me in the aisle, he seemed taller than me, but IRL I know that he is shorter than I am as I am 6'3" I think this dream might have to do with future ministry, but any thoughts on the dream appreciated. Thank you.

in Christ,

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Re: Late for a class with John Hagee

Post by PastorJKG » Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:17 pm

Ministers in my dreams often represent the Lord Himself as they are His spokesmen. Perhaps there is an out of timing issue with your ministry. Perhaps hesitation about something you feel called to do. We tend to think Jesus doesn't get irritated but he did with Peter and several of the disciples. Only those closest to him really saw it. To whom much is given, much is required. For your prayerful consideration.

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Re: Late for a class with John Hagee

Post by Starfire » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:45 am

I seThe time (spiritually) is late & we must be ready as we encourage others to be as well.
In this area (the lateness of the hour()e it as a messagw that those you lead follow more than your teachings and words. They also follow your actions. we can encourage & lean on oe another, but ultimately the responsibility is ours. As a pastor, it is even more so because others follow our lead. In summary, I'd take it as incentive to verbalize & display by action that we are ready & eager to serve God above all distractions & to ultimately make it our primary responsibility because when it comes to readuness of our soul in these end times, no one can do it for us.
I feel convicted myself as I write this.
God bless, direct, love & favor you all the days of your life.
PS Please note that while Pastor Hagee may have been irritated (sensing the urgency/shortness of time) he does NOT abandon you, your people he just wants you to take the seriousness of the hour more seriously.

I apologize for typos,etc, My vision is not what it used to be