18 wheeler

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18 wheeler

Post by kingnme »

...i just posted a dream about seeing a Semi- Truck without a ......Trailer
(thanks Bj. :lol: )

what does it mean when it doesnt have the trailer attached ? as in "no load" as it was stated to me

thanks so much
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Re: 18 wheeler

Post by bjcollin »

Good question, hopefully somebody else will get something on this symbol as well.

For me when I have seen 18 wheelers in my own dreams they have denoted intercession prayer movements. The last time I saw one in a dream there were 3 of them and they had flatbed/stake bed trailers attached to them, and I had the dream the night before I was part of a 3 member intercession team for a big praise and worship workshop event WG17. So to me for your dream it would simply mean that there is no load being pulled in intercession so far, but the potential to pull a huge load is there.

In other peoples dreams I have seen 18 wheelers represent their church movements as well. Or other types of spiritual/prophetic intercession movements. Again, in your dream I feel that this aspect of the symbol might be more applicable and that the movement just hasn't gotten going yet, but it is big and it needs FAITH to cross the bridge. So it could be this or a combination of both.

Has anybody else seen 18 wheelers used symbolically in their dreams differently from this?

Sorry I didn't get back to your question in the other thread. I was a bit pre-occupied with a cat 1 hurricane hanna hitting us while visiting our in-laws house this past weekend and did not have much internet connectivity in the storms.