silhouette of man with crazy hair

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silhouette of man with crazy hair

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I saw a silhouette of a man at a desk. Could not make out any facial features but his hair really stood out. It was like stiff, unkept animal hair. It stuck straight up and laid to the side with other sprigs going here and there. The hair seemed to important.
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Re: silhouette of man with crazy hair

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Symbolically unseen people in dreams usually represent unseen spirits (can be either good or evil). So this is a spirit that is hidden from you for now. Behind a desk usually means something in the area of business. Hair in dreams is an interesting symbol. In the Bible there are many uses of hair symbolically: for Samson (Judges) hair denoted strength, grey hair denotes wisdom and honor (Proverbs 20:29), and in the NT hair is a symbol of glory (1 Cor 11:14-15). So long unkempt hair like that to me per 1 Cor 11:14 would be a bad sign, indicating wildness or dis-honor.

Hope this helps.

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