Received Job Offer

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Received Job Offer

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Hello All:

Had this dream and appreciate any insight the Lord may give.

Dream ~

I received a job offer from an owner of a company with a salary over $400,000 a year, but I had to give about $200,000 back to the owner. A house that was furnished was also part of the job offer.

I went to look at the house, and it was not organized or decorated the way I like my home to look. I asked the owner if I can move into a cleaner home and he said no, I have a person who is cleaning up the house. I looked out the window into the back yard and saw a man cleaning and straightening things up.

Then, I went to the actual job site, and there was machinery everywhere and the workers were wearing hard hats. The job site looked like a manufacturing plant or a refinery. I asked one of the workers how to get to the office and she directed me to the office. I went into the office to talk to the workers, introduced myself and asked for an organization chart so I can understand the structure of the company. EOD.

IRL I just experienced job loss, so not sure if this dream dream is from the Lord or my imagination from job loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and God bless!