treading thru it

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treading thru it

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im dreaming this REALLY quick dream with a couple scenes here

i am walking thru what looks like a nursery seeing quite a few ladies walking around inspecting some plants

most (95% of the plants) were ground level and some of them although ground level were placed in planters and placed UP on tables or what not

so i am watching the Ladies walk around ...checking out some plants to buy ....

however ...observing the looks of these plants ...although still planted ...they looked DRIED out ... :?

and one of the ladies... she was talking to someone and without realizing it she stepped on some of the plants ...

my thoughts came forth saying ...." wow!? ...lady ...youre not focused... youre just chatting away ....

stepping on those plants ..not focused on the condition of the plants if you can see they are already dried out??

...and your stepping on them doesn't help them!?".... :roll: anyways walking... looking around

saw one other lady she was checking out some plants that was in a planter but placed on a plant stand at waist level

but she kept second guessing whether she should get this particular plant or not... with her fingers inspecting the plant ....

but still not sure ...despite her not being sure THAT plant was pretty green... but she is still second guessing

THEN THIS TOTAL DRAMATIC shift of a scene.... just weird


this flood/storm was soooo bad and im walking soo fast intentionally trying to get to a warehouse place

that we have here in central florida its a place where restaurants go to get their supplies..

i am bee-lining it to the Restaurant Depot
the rain is falling SIDEWAYS
the flood is like CALF HIGH ...and climbing i suppose...
and there are bodies UNDER the floodwaters
along with other bodies i felt a baby hand as it was floating by touching my legs

however the water was gray-black so you really cannot see anyone in the water (haagh!! just awful!)

but get this ...

while heading to go get food supplies ....I AM SMILING !? :o

SUDDENLY i gasped in a panic thoughts were "OMG ?! DO I HAVE MY KEYS ?!?!?!

so i am desperately trying to check to see if i have my keys ....I check for them in my pockets ...............

i panicked AGAIN!! because its NOT there!!! suddenly i thought WAiT!? ........check again... then there they were IN MY LEFT pocket

RELIEVED.... i kept on moving WITH HASTE.... SMILING???!!! ALL THE WAy ...I AWOKE!! is there any idea what this is about??? thanks guys!!
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Re: treading thru it

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Hi there,

I haven't been here is sometime.
But the minute I read your dream I think this is what your dream is all about. I hope it's ok to post a link.

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Re: treading thru it

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thank you!!

Wow RHB has lost soooo much weight !!!?

thats VERY interesting tho ...
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9