Yet another spider dream

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Yet another spider dream

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9 July 2021 - weird flat spider

I dreamt I was standing wearing one of my singlet tops (wide shoulders) and there was a spider on me. It was on my right side below my shoulder but above my boob.

I couldn’t get it off, and when I tried, it would flatten itself to me. It was like its legs were leaf like and would sort of roll to the side to become flatter. And it would cling.

I asked my mother to try to get it off me. I could see she started to move towards me to do that.

The spider was a sort of skin colour, pale beige. It had life to it. Not an ugly bland beige.


When I woke up I thought … another dream where I’m asking my mother to get a spider/spiders off me. And then I thought I’m sure I’ve had that sort of “flattening” spider in my dreams before.

It’s indicating that this thing has the ability to sort of become less visible, or less able to be removed due to its self-protective qualities.


5 November 2020 - finger dream

Last night I had a dream that someone asked me for help getting rid of a spider.

I put my hand out and the spider jumped on my left pointer finger and wrapped itself around. I couldn't get it off. It was so tightly wrapped on that I couldn't shake it off, couldn't get a knife under it to try to prise it off.

I was trying to think of ways to get this thing off. I thought maybe I should immerse my hand in methylated spirits and then the spider would drown in it and have to release my finger at some point.

The odd thing was the spider had a "nice" name, I think a two word name and one of the words was "hope".

It was apparently a venomous spider and I was pretty sure it had bitten me. It had oddly shaped legs - not round but more flattened out like an instrument of some sort.

I was thinking maybe the finger represented one of the five-fold ministries.

Brian Collins:

Great dream,[...] As a first quick glance of the symbols in your dream: spiders usually represent lies, webs of deceit, or the workings of witchcraft. So this particular lie is so tightly wound you are having trouble getting rid of it. Drowning the problem in spirits won't work as the enemy supports the enemy and further delusion will not help. You are not sure on the first of the two names, but it is alluring, so I see this spiders name as FALSE HOPE. i.e. it is designed from the enemy to give you the wrong type of hope. Left usually represents what you are called to spiritually while right usually represents what you are currently walking in or your own strength. The fingers can represent five-fold ministry positions, so the index finger is usually representative of the apostle gifting/ministry. At the base level, the apostle in the five fold are the explorers, they are the ones who are breaking new ground and pushing forward in the spirit, they are ones who see the potential in others and want to build others up and has strengths in organization. So personally I feel that this attack of the enemy is designed to keep you from moving forward and venturing out. Hope this helps.

MY NOTE (I think Brian corrected himself later as the index finger represents the prophetic office - unsure where that message has gone)
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Re: Yet another spider dream

Post by Chrisy489 »

Very interesting dream. A few years ago I dreamt of a spider and it was about a web of deception that was being woven. It was a warning dream that prevented me from making a huge mistake. Hopefully you find the source of deception in your life.
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Re: Yet another spider dream

Post by bella »

Hi thanks for replying.

I don’t think this one is about webs of deception but a good thought.

No webs in sight for this one.

It was definitely about the flattening out and making it difficult to get underneath to flick it off.
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Re: Yet another spider dream

Post by PastorJKG »

Just a thought, this verse came to mind which speaks of the potential of things that seem insignificant but are actually wise.

Proverbs 30:24-28
There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: [25] The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer; [26] The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks; [27] The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands; [28] The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.
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Re: Yet another spider dream

Post by bjcollin »


Sorry I have been out of pocket for a while this past week with work and preparing for a church conference weekend... I just saw your post on FB with the flat spider question.
I have a dream symbol which has shown up twice now. A spider that has legs that are almost leaf-shaped instead of cylindrical. And the spider is able to really flatten itself, to make it harder to extract it from the surface it's on. Meaning you can't slide anything under it to flick it off. The spiders have been golden-beige/flesh-coloured.
I think the symbology behind the flat spider is that as you pointed out it is just trying to flatten itself so that it can stay attached and not be easily removed, so this to me is pointing to an issue that the enemy is currently entrenching themselves in and it is not so easy to remove them. Also the other clue you have is the color of the spider which is tan/beige or flesh colored, so this to me points to an issue of flesh so to speak. So putting it together, there is something that is of the flesh that is just trying to stick with you and it is not easily removed.

You mentioned 2 dreams where this symbol has shown up. I am guessing that this dream in this thread is the 1st, did you post the 2nd or was it just a repeat of this 1st dream? Sometimes we can get more clues when God repeats a dream, and we can discern clues from the similarities and also more often from the differences between the two dreams.

I love Pastor JKG's verses he posted in Proverbs 30, we will often uses these verses to help teach dream interpretation in that many times when you see an animals function in real life, that is also often times how God uses that animal as symbology in our dreams, i.e. horses power, cows provision, ants diligently working, locusts strength in numbers plagues, spiders are more common than we think and no matter how rich or poor the house is they will be there somewhere.