Empty car trunk

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Empty car trunk

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I dreamed that I had went somewhere and I came back to the house. My sister was standing by loaded trucks and she had EVERYTHING. She tells me that she has to get up out of here and that her, here daughter, and her daughter two children were going with her. I said okay because I assume she was relocating somewhere else. The trunk of my car was up and I could see that it was completely empty. It looked brand new like when you buy a new car 🚗
My sister has been deceased for 3 months now. I have been praying concerning my niece and her children.
Next dream, I am in this house and I am in my bedroom. I come out and I could see all the furniture is gone but there was rubbish on the floor you know how when you move all the furniture and you can see what was hiding under it. I'm walking through it and I look up and see my sister. She is sitting there with her legs crossed and smiling. She didn't say anything. I noticed that my niece and her children were gone but my oldest nephew was there.
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Re: Empty car trunk

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This dream shocks me because it is so similar to a couple of dreams that I had - BOTH involving my older sister. In the first dream I went to my closet and ALL of my clothing was gone!!! All of my suits - EVERYTHING!!!! I didn't know who had stolen/taken my clothes. In the second dream, I walked up to my apartment (where I lived after my divorce and before I purchased my post-divorce-home) and I saw that the door was opened and there were packed boxes outside in the corridor as if someone was stealing and moving out all of my belongings!!!! I walked in and I saw my sister. I spoke to her - puzzled as to what was happening - what was she doing?????? She didn't answer me.

The Lord has warned me about my sister on numerous occassions.

WHY are our dreams similar? Why??????