Snake ...But GOD is our Salvation

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Snake ...But GOD is our Salvation

Post by kingnme »

Hello all's been awhile

Sooo dream:

Dillon (son) Desi (daughter) and myself
We are standing in this laundry mat place

Why there? No clue because Dillon had a dream once of being in a laundry mat we're there

Dillon says ... Ohhh wow !?! That's coming in here ?!??

I turned to see what he's talking about
Hmph!? I didn't see it ??

(I know now it was hiding from MY eyes on purpose)

I'm still looking....Pop! There it is

a BLACK slithering SNAKE on the floor...

Immediately I grabbed this shovel and I went towards it I'm jamming the shovel down in its back TRYING my best to sever it.its going thru tho

It was so much activity going on while I'm doing all this

my daughter is laying her hand on the back of the handle of the shovel... bless her heart! Trying to assist me ...

and then Dillon says... Mom! cut a diamond shape in the back of it!!! ..that was his solution in an effort to kill it

I'm still driving this shovel into the snake trying to sever it as it's slithering around

in the meantime the snake is trying its best to metamorphosize into a cat but it wasn't working because of all the activity that's going down

it only got so far into metamorphosizing into a cat so imagine this picture

a long slithering black snake part fur of a Persian cat it wasn't whatever it was trying to do it wasn't WORKING..

So I'm going for it again trying to cut this thing in half
AGAIN!!! here comes my daughter laying her hand on the back of the shovel trying to assist me

you guys should see her face at this time she was soooo eager to see this thing thru

BUT IT WAS so nerve wracking 😂 .. because here I am trying to really focus to kill this snake and normally I don't do this even in my dreams

I can tell you over the course of 20 years I may have had an effort two times to try to kill a snake but 99.9% of the time

I am running the opposite I have to keep focus and there she is bless her heart!!!...

So I emphatically told her brother

PLEEEASE get Desiree!!!! SO he did .. free to continue on to severing this thing of which I'm hearing a shovel even in my sleep

this dream was action packed !!!!

Now mind you when it came through the door ...the door had glass and a metal frame this time it's slithering towards the door there is no glass it's just a metal frame

so I'm following the snake and just as it got to the door to slide under I JAMMED the shovel right behind the bottom part of the door right into it's middle cutting the snake in half

Do you know what this thing did? 😲

The half that's outside of the door


turned around reached over the metal frame of the door..

pulledl the other half of its body over ..

.then took that part of his body folded it over his arm like some kinda coat...............?🤔

and walked off I'm looking at the back of him and oh my gahhh?!...his back was so skinned up it was blood red

he was skinned reeeally bad !!!!

That shovel work was over the top!!!

I ran up to the door as he was walking away with the other half of his body folded over his arm

I looked to my left there was this man standing there watching the snake walk out of the building just minding his business just watching this snake walk away ...

I'm very interested in this interp THANKS a lot guys!!!
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9
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Re: Snake ...But GOD is our Salvation

Post by bjcollin »


Great dream. Well at least you gave the enemy a good beating with the shovel they won't soon forget and they had to flee! The laundromat to me is a symbol of the place where you wash clothes at, and clothes are what we are doing i.e. we are clothed in righteous acts etc. So in the laundromat we are cleaning our act up so to speak. There is a big lie of the enemy going on, and it is very persistent and does not want to die. Black cats sometimes speak of witchcraft, so possibly this is a spirit of witchcraft that is trying to attack you. At least you are able to defend yourself with the shovel and you had some great help in the defense.

in Christ,
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Re: Snake ...But GOD is our Salvation

Post by kingnme »

wow talk about a heads up !! thanks you so much !!....soooo yesterday ....someone rear ended me .... PRAISE GOD !! for HIS KEEPING power !1
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9