Doughnuts shop but this dream not so sweet

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Doughnuts shop but this dream not so sweet

Post by kingnme »

My Son had a dream that i and his father (hubby) owned a doughnut shop

and he pulled up to the door of the shop

and DIRECTLY BEHIND him a man shows up in a VERY nice BMW

pulls up with plans to ROB the shop

our son (irl) has a gun and in the dream he thought ...i DONT HAVE MY GUN :x

the man robbed the shop ....took off

our son trying to chase the man down as our son was calling the police

then our son realized HE DID have his gun

he shot the robber ...but then the bullet BOUNCED off the robbers head

however but landed inside the shop BLOWING up the kitchen!!!

IRL i am currently preparing to open up a pastry shop ... (yikes)
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Re: Doughnuts shop but this dream not so sweet

Post by PastorJKG »

Not having your tools or ineffective weapons seems to indicate something lacking in spiritual authority or understanding of it. Perhaps the Lord is trying to awaken the warrior in him to help his parents in the spiritual battle. Donuts are round like a cycle and I wonder if this element reveals a cycle of weakness in understanding of spiritual things or maybe even a wrong understanding. For your prayerful consideration. Perhaps the BMW could represent wealth and the deceptions thereof. You can't serve God and Mammon.