Ephesians 4

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Ephesians 4

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I remember walking in this dream. It seemed as though I was walking for a very long time. I can’t say that I knew particularly where my journey was taking me. At some point I came across a woman standing at a bus stop. As I looked her in the eyes, I knew that she needed something... so I asked her if she was ok. She said “yes”. But knew that she wasn’t ok. So I asked her again if she was ok and if she needed anything. Again, she said that she was ok. But I knew that she wasn’t ok. I asked her again if she needed anything. She finally told me that she needed a dollar. So, I gave her a dollar. There were two other women that appeared at the bus stop. As I proceeded to continue my journey, the two women began to walk with me. I remember us stopping at this one street. They told me that this particular street was sort of a short cut to another street... then the started telling me about a different way I could go. As I contemplated which way I would go, I looked up at the street sign to see the name of the street. The sign said Ephesians 4. After some thought and wondering if this would really be a short cut, I decided to take Ephesians 4. I parted from the two ladies and proceeded to walk Ephesians 4. At some point, it’s like I appeared in a waiting room of some sort. There I saw an associate minister from my old church sitting in the corner looking down. Then I saw his wife standing maybe a couple feet away from him. She was also looking down. I was as if the didn’t want to be seen. Then I looked to my left and saw my parents. I said to them “ if you are here, then who’s with the kids?” My mother said to me that they (the kids) would be alright until I got there with them.
Then I was awakened by my bladder.
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Re: Ephesians 4

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I love this dream... Your dream caught my eye due to the Ephesians 4 aspect. We studied Ephesians 4:1-16 in Sunday school yesterday and I preached on the ascension gifts/five-fold ministry gifts (Eph. 4:11-13) yesterday in church. The dream presents Ephesians 4 as a shortcut... I can't say that I disagree as the church today really needs to get more on board with Ephesians 4 and get back to the business of being the body of Christ that is needed in today's world.

The NIV Bible that I have today has the section titles: Unity in the Body of Christ, and Living as Children of Light. Other Bible translations like the NASB have different section titles: Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ, and Instructions for Christian Living. Ephesians 4 only has very few verses on the five-fold ministry gifts to build the body of Christ to do the works of service. Living in Unity is so needed in the church today, so is using our gifts to build the church, as well as living in personal holiness before the Lord. So many topics in Ephesians 4's 32 verses could be a shortcut for you to get ahead in life.

Some of my questions that could be your key to help you on your dream:
Which part of the verses in Ephesians 4 sticks out the most to you?
So why is the former associate and his wife hanging their heads down? What happened in your past with them or happened to them in the past that would cause them to hang their heads in shame or in hiding?
Yes, the kids will be fine, I feel your parents might represent the church and the ladies at the bus stop might be angels or others who are in the same situation as you are currently wanting more out of the church.

Hope this helps get you started on your dream.

in Christ,