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Okay a friend of mine had this dream and we're curious of it's meaning... my friend heard a noise downstairs in her home and goes to check it out. She sees food everywhere in the kitchen calls out to see if anyone was there, no answer. As she's heading back upstairs she hears keys turning and someone is coming into her home. It was a man, woman and their baby. She tried to tell them to leave they told her no and they live there now. She was texting one of best friends and told them to dial 911, but the friend (who is usually the first to react or arrive in a time of need) was asking questions and rather oblivious to the urgency. She said they were rude, it made her feel violated because they didn't have permission to be there. And she saw lots of blue in the dream. Then after she woke up from the dream she saw it 3:33am.

So I have an idea for some of this interpretation but I want to see if I'm on the right track.
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Re: Intruder??

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For the dream, I see the invading family as enemy spirits that are seeking to make themselves at home against your friend. Instead of taking up her own authority (in Jesus name) against the invading enemy, she chooses instead to ask a friend to do it for her. The friend does not do it and instead questions the situation. It is ok to ask others to help you pray for something, but always be willing to pray against it yourself first if it is attacking you. Probably not the right verse for 3:33, but the first verse I ran across was Proverbs 3:33 - The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, But He blesses the dwelling of the righteous. Blue is the color of (+) Communion, revelation; (-) depression, sorrow, anxiety. You did not specify what exactly was blue in the dream, so in general most likely this points to these are spirits of depression that are trying to attack her. Just some thoughts, hope it helps get y'all started on the dream.

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