Regal Purple, 50’s setting, “My BELOVED”

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Regal Purple, 50’s setting, “My BELOVED”

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The same night as my cross dream, I had this dream first!
My Mentor in the Courts of Heaven and very dear sister/friend, was very strong in this dream!

Val in regal purple - Beloved

We were in this house that was so beautiful 1950’s
There was gorgeous mahogany decorating throughout!
Rich walls, velvet curtains and coverings! Very rich!
There was a door behind you (Val) and a huge balcony
with large windows from top to bottom! There was
rich antique furniture throughout with plush chairs!
By the window doors was a beautiful rich mahogany
red, table! With so much beautiful engraving on the legs
and chairs! Reminded me of Psalm 23 -You prepare
a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.

You (Val) were standing in front of me, you came
through the door, towards me! You were dressed
in the richest purple suit, I had ever seen! There
were beautiful designs, doves, gemstones (some
I can’t even describe the colours & engraving were
surreal)! The pocket lapel by your left shoulder had
what looked
like a medal Purple Heart with gems, stars and medals
hanging! So rich and ornate! 💜 🥇 💎

You came towards me and and placed your hands on
the sides of my face! You said, “Carolyn, you are so
so, Beloved! You are so loved! Sooo loved, You have
no idea just how greatly loved that you are, Beloved!! Then
you kissed the top of my head! Like a knighting action!
It was so endearing and affected me deeply! I cry when
I think about it! I know you represented Holy Spirit, in
this dream but also your deep, deep love for people
and the Bride of Christ! You strive so much to help
the BRIDE see her value, worth and deep compassion,
HE has for her!

I remember thinking when I was awakened at ❤️‍🔥5am to
the sound of the liberty bell (I’m wakened by bells, a lot!
Especially, the Liberty Bell) so I would remember this
dream. I was thinking how it amazes me that you (Val)think
highly me! You think so highly of the Bride, no matter
how weak we are or how much we have failed!
You truly exemplify Christ’s Heart! You and Greg are
definitely the cream of the crop, in your Pastoral roles,
to the body of Christ! Your rewards will be greater
than you could ever imagine 💜❤️‍🔥💜**

Any thoughts on this are welcomed ❤️‍🔥
We overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony.....
Be Transformed......