Prophetic Acts

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Prophetic Acts

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Hey guys,

I am researching something for my Sunday school class this coming Sunday 5/1/2022, the topic is Jeremiah 32 where Jeremiah is tasked by the Lord to buy a field in his home town as a prophetic act even though it is 586 BCE and he has already prophesied that Judah/Jerusalem is about to fall to the Babylonians.

Prophetic Act - Actions and/or objects intentionally employed by the prophets so that message content was communicated through them to the audience; Something done at God's direction in the natural/physical realm that supports God's working in the spiritual realm, to bring forth results that would be manifested in the natural realm.

Research Question: What types of prophetic acts or actions has the Lord directed you to do in the past or recently?

Thank you.

In Christ,