turkey hunting with Dad

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turkey hunting with Dad

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Dreaming I was turkey hunting with dad. A snake came out and went right to daddy. I was afraid he was gonna be bitten. He stepped on its head and shot it twice. Chunks of the dead snake flue over and hit me in the face. He saw a turkey but I was turned the wrong way. I was trying to get turned around without spooking the bird and he said, "I got him". I saw the bird flooping but never heard a shot. Then I heard other people talking and told dad we were messing up someone else's hunt. He said it's ok, they have a house out there. Something about a car in the woods.
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Re: turkey hunting with Dad

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I love this dream. Your dad seems like a super man and nothing can get past him. I think that is the main message of your dream, which is that your daddy in heaven Father God, has it covered and nothing escapes His notice and He is protecting you.

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