Sparrow in my Hand

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Sparrow in my Hand

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Greetings & Praise be to God

I had this dream maybe a week ago.

In this dream, there was is sparrow in my hand. I was holding it tight as it was trying it's best to fly away from my hand. But i was holding it tight to not let it go. Then at my eye sight distance i saw a bird cage. i was thinking to let this bird insight this cage for monitoring purpose. This is to at least let the sparrow be comfortable as it was like uncomfortable in my hand.

Any insight to this dream?

God's Blessings Everyone
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Re: Sparrow in my Hand

Post by keilani »

Shalom dreamer33. Based on the details you gave in the dream, the thought that you had a fleeting opportunity or chance (bird in your hand) and you were pondering what to do came to mind. Don't know if that's applicable to your life at the moment though. God give you the direction you need :)
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