dead dogs

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dead dogs

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My Daughter in law had this dream while we were on vacation. Any insight would be appreciated. She said a woman who was very angry was putting a bunch of dead dogs in her yard. She was angry because she wanted to get in the house and my Daughter in law (Megan) wouldn't let her in. Megan was looking for three little dogs that lived in the house and couldn't find them. (IRL she has no pets). I'm thinking the 3 little dogs may speak of the 3 fold chord and spiritual intimacy but not sure. Megan and our Son are young believers trying to figure some things out. The dead dogs bring me to the verses about David and humility but do they really fit? I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.
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Re: dead dogs

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I pray you had a great and restful vacation. The first thing I took notice of in the dream is the symbol dogs. Dogs in dreams have a lot of meanings ranging from a close trusted friend to an enemy guarding or protecting all depending on type of dog and how in context they are used in the dream. A search for dogs in the Bible will turn up 27 references, none of them good, which is not surprising as in biblical times dog domestication like we have today with them as cute loveable pets was very rare. The biblical references that came to mind for dogs was Jesus' interaction with the Canaanite/Syrophoenician woman who wanted her daughter delivered in Matthew 15:26-27 & Mark 7:27-28. In those verses dogs are symbolic for non-believers or for non-Jewish/Gentile believers which makes a little more sense for your daughter in law's dream.

In the dream I see the angry woman with dead dogs as an enemy spirit who seeks to kill or destroy new believers in Jesus. This enemy spirit puts stumbling blocks in new believers ways to get them to not get closer to Jesus and to not work on their relationship with God. Basically tries to make them become in-effective and/or to backslide. The enemy is mad because it can't get to your daughter in law as she is protected by the blood of the Lamb. For the 3 little dogs, I see this as either 3 people i.e. Megan, son, and kid? or as 3 representing the Triune God.

Hope this helps.

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