A Wrong Turn

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A Wrong Turn

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This dream starts off that I am driving a car and I am going to make a left turn. When I made my turn, I was not in the correct lane to turn and cut someone off by accident. After my left turn, I could barely see a road to my right and immediately made a right turn on this unfamiliar road. I had trouble seeing the roadway due to it being snow-covered. When I saw the path to go I had to drive up a steep hill that is covered in the most beautiful white snow that I have ever seen. When I got to the top, I looked to the left and saw the road that I was supposed to be on, and then realized I had no clue where I was at. This unfamiliar road continued to go up and down hills with the most beautiful scenery with mountain views that were so spectacular, I loved every mile of it. When I arrived at my destination, it was like I was arriving at work. One of my bosses needed to have a meeting with some of his drivers, so I stayed at the office to attend the meeting. My main supervisor was getting mad because I was attending the meeting and he was trying to get me to run my route and not attend the drivers' meeting.
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Re: A Wrong Turn

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Shalom Rev. First thought that came to mind after reading your dream was "the road less traveled." That you ended up in your natural workplace (I'm assuming you're still employed there) makes me think that your walk with Him will be a new journey, leading to unfamiliar, beautiful places and it will happen during this time of your employment. Also, you may find that those around/over you may not agree with your decisions as you are walking this new path (you choosing to stay in the meeting which caused your main supervisor to get mad since you weren't doing what he wanted you to do).

Just some thoughts. Grace for your journey.

Oh--and you posted years ago about dreaming of drums. Didn't know if you were still having that dream but the thought that came to mind was of timing. The Sons of Issachar who knew the times came to mind.
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