On SYMBOLS - by our friend Marilyn

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On SYMBOLS - by our friend Marilyn

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I've noticed that there have been quite a few dream interpretations lately that are using symbols as an absolute. This is not scriptural, and can become void of Holy Spirit inspiration.

Symbolism is as limitless as fingerprints, and snowflake design, and needs to be developed on a personal level, as well as a universal level.

We are missing out on so very much if we have a word, or a symbol, and put it in a box with one meaning. And most definitely we should NOT mindlessly accept what God has given someone else as a symbol, rather than seeking God themselves, either through the scriptures or in prayer time.

What may be personal revelation for one person concerning a symbol, is not necessarily how God intends that same symbol in a different dream, or with a different person.

For example, I have seen cat used in many different ways, in many different dreams, from good to evil, from prophetic gifts(good) to pet doctrines(not good) even if it's a white cat. If we refuse to see past the self made limitations, then we also limit or worse, close, God's Voice to us in dream messages. Limiting symbolism to one meaning, or one essence/negative or positive, is also limiting our prophetic exersize, and we become lazy, predictable, and continue to eat and share old manna. MOLDY MANNA. Symbolism is subject to as many variables as there are cultures, circumstances, and very important.....dream types. example, a tornado can be a prophetic warning of a literal tornado, or much more often.....something being stirred up in the personal life of the dreamer, or someone they are dreaming about. They can also either be a positive or negative symbol.

We see in part, so one is not wrong, or one right if two differing insights to one dream are given. it's up to the dreamer to take the pieces that fit from all parts by The Holy Spirit speaking to THEM. This is the responsibility of the dreamer.........not to rely on what someone else brings, but to take these offerings always TO GOD. Remember, this is God speaking to YOU.....and He wants you to go to HIM. Coming together for insight, inspiration, and help is good, and part of the reason we are all here. But the main reason, is for us to all learn how to understand our dreams ourselves, and then be able to go out and teach others to understand their own dreams. It is about learning, and developing the gifts.

Dreamers should never ever allow someone over the internet to speak something into their lives as revelation or direction..... but only as CONFIRMATION to something that God has already spoken to them.

This section on revelation of symbols is a GUIDE ONLY, and it should be understood that one symbol can have MANY MANY revelations, and I hope we will continue to add to what is already there, because the wider the offerings, the wider the potential to spot the one that jumps in our spirit. If none does, don't just accept what's there.....just wait until God puts it in your heart...you will know it when it comes, but if you have already closed the chapter on a certain dream because you have accepted the wrong one, you will never get the message that God had for you.

I can't stress enough the importance of keeping your own dream journal. dated and detailed.

Warm love,