food processing machine

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food processing machine

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I was in charge of running a food processing machine in a plant processed corn

at the top was blades like push lawn mower ...woman worship leader IRL ministry I served as worship leader (BTW she is undergoing chemo for cancer) really love that Sister!!!! :( she was above, and I was below looking at her though blades

then the Pastor from that same ministry was standing next to conveyor ...I reached under it to get something that had fallen under conveyer and found Pastors poop

then alarm went off, because steam pressure was too high

I did not know what to do ...every one ran, but I stayed and called for help

boss came and pulled a rope that had spring connected to it from ceiling, next to a big screen ...I wondered why the guy who trained me did not show me this

then same room was empty ...many children were there, and we were cleaning the room

they all helped, and passed out carrots to each other ...little girl was there then she left ...I saw her dress on gound

it was white with one orange flower on it

I picked it up and folded it in half and held it by the corners ...then prophesied to mother of child saying...

your child is going be used mightily of God as a leader

then one youth and I raced to the main office ...he fell and broke his leg ...I saw blood ...I felt it was my fault ...that i should not have raced him

then we were in an empty swimming pool, and a radio was playing and I was able to point palm of right hand to radio and pull in a certain sound, and point left palm and focus light and different sound than source on the children ...this ministered to children

I discerned which children would receive, and those that would not by waving my hand towards them and seeing their reaction