..."walk in here."

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..."walk in here."

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I had this dream....i was coming out of this place which led me outside
as I walked outside this dark dark speckled brown cat just SHOT passed me ... I watched the cat running so fast till it disappeared but then looking to my right was this WHiTE cat it was walking up beside a house

now picture this ...right up next to the SiDE of the house on the ground was like a square gutter CuT IN half...the cut half facing UpwArd however..the gutter WaS RusTY brown
there were some overgrown grass kinda along side of the gutter pretty much like the gutter was placed on ToP of overgrown grass I'd say...

okay the white cat walks down this VeRY narrow RusTY gutter

that's when I heard "WALK in THERE." I'm hearing it like the least TwIce

I literally stood still ...and stared ..thinking wait a minute I need to discern this whole matter...as the cat was just sashaying down this rusty narrow pipe that is situated along side this house

need help thank yo
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