The wrong kind of milk

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The wrong kind of milk

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I don’t quite remember the entire order of the dream but as best as I can here it goes. The first thing I remember is being in the basement. Someone was with me but I don’t remember who. As I was going through the basement everything seemed to be in order except as I was exiting I saw several large spiderwebs and there were large spiders on the webs (they were like the size of a toddler). On my way up the stairs passing then I remember wanting to move past them quickly. As I closed the basement door I remember thinking to myself “I will deal with them later.
OK now I remember my daughter being approximately five or six years old.Toure’Roberts was there, he also had a little girl approximately five or six and the girls are playing together. In this dream it was as if we were in the process of a courtship. All I remember is me spending time with him and enjoying my time. I remember us being in the bed together very innocently me him and the two girls and all we were doing was talking. Then there was someone at the door. My daughter got up open the door and let that person in. It was her dad (Jamille) with a half gallon of almond milk. He sat the almond milk on the table and went straight in the living room sat on the couch and made himself comfortable.I remember the coming out of the bedroom to see who was at the door. When I look up and I seen it was him and instantly became irritated I looked on the table and saw that he had brought almond milk. I said to myself “why would he bring is the generic almond milk I don’t drink this “. I wanted him to leave. He sat there unbothered watching tv. I went back in the bedroom not wanting to deal with him at that moment...I wanted to continue the fellowship that I was having with Toure’. Toure’ got up looked out the room and saw Jamille there and confronted him. I was afraid that Toure was going to leave. I did not want him to leave but to my surprise Torre put Jamille out. I was amazed.After he put Jamille out he then decided to leave. My heart was sad that he had left.
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Re: The wrong kind of milk

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The basement= things from the past, things put out of sight but still present.
Spiders= witchcraft, demonic activity, they use webs to ensnare their pray. The more the victim struggles to get free, the worse they become entangled.
Toure’Roberts= a Pastor= represents Christ
Ex lover= tied to something from the past trying to sabotage your relationship with Christ. Directly tied to the spiders and webs in the basement.
Presence of your children= the issue could effect the whole families future.
Almond= Aarons almond rod that budded= life from something dead
Milk= something to nurture and bring comfort and sleep
It seems innocent, even good, but it is really a plan of satan to wreck you and your family and your communion with the Lord.
Jesus can deal with the issue, He can put the problem out, but He desires that you will take care of it. We have to steward our own walk of faith.
Philip. 2:12
Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
You need to bring the spiders to Jesus and seek His healing and deliverance from their power in your life. You can't simply forget the issue. It has to be faced to be free from it. You can't overcome it in yourself. It will take the Lord's grace to overcome.
There could be a soul tie that hasn't been repented of but I discern the real problem may be “unforgiveness” toward Jamille. That's the word that comes to mind.

I hope this helps
Pray into this and see if it bears witness with your spirit