calibration dream?

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calibration dream?

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Have any of you had dreams that seemed to be something fulfilled in the public within a couple of days that seem to be kind of random? Like you wonder why you had it? For example, I had a dream were Arnold Schwarzenegger was being a jerk and talking smack about me and my wife. Then a few days latter I see an article talking about how he believes hell is a fairy tail and religion is foolish. Is it possible that it was simply meant to remind me that God is talking and revealing things so that I can have confidence in the dreams that I don't know the meaning of yet? I can't think of a specific dream right now but it has happened before where I dreamed something and then saw an article or heard a news report about it a few days latter.
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Re: calibration dream?

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Of course there is always the need for discernment as dreams can come not just from Him, but they can come from the enemy, or most often they just come from our own soul working out what is going on in our lives and processing the day's events at night.

Awesome dreams, I have these types of tuning dream all the time. Sometimes it looks like nonsense soulish dreams at the time, but then God quickly reminds me He is always speaking, but it is us who aren't paying attention or we are tuning Him out most of the time. Yes, most definitely I believe that God uses these types of dreams to calibrate or to help tune us in to Him. Amos 3:7 "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." Also in Joel 2:28/Acts 2:17 the Holy Spirit is poured out on ALL people to have visions and dreams.

For me I have noticed a pattern over the years... On these types of weaker dreams, usually they will come to pass either the very next day after the dream or within 1-2 days. If the dreams are a little stronger it comes to pass within the week 2-5 days after the dream. Sometime I have a few dreams that have come to pass within a few years after having seen them. For example I had a dream about getting married in a church almost 5 years before I even met my spouse, and I did not ever see the church until the night of the rehearsal dinner when I flew from Iowa to her hometown of Raymondville TX for the wedding. So it took 5 years for that dream to come to pass, but it was so detailed from the color of the walls and the paneling and the design of my wife's dress/veil that she wore on the wedding day.

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