Red Dog

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Red Dog

Post by PastorJKG »

I had a dream this morning. I was coming down some stairs into a parking garage. I was not yet to the bottom, about halfway down and realized a red dog had walked up. At the moment i noticed him, he noticed me. I felt immediate trepidation because i didn't know if he was friendly or not. I love animals but have always been fearful of aggressive dogs. He was a large hunting breed. He was not barking/growling but he was also not waging his tail so I didn't know what to expect. That was it.
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Re: Red Dog

Post by JayD »

Hi Pastor.

Forgive me, I feel like I'm taking over here. Just one of those rare days I have spare time on my hands and thought I'd look to help. I do have other things to do now so I'll be saying my goodbyes for now.

I love this dream because I am currently writing on something that you may be able to relate to in the dream.

You see the dog. There is no discernment regarding the intentions of the dog. Is he a friendly boy, or is he looking to flush out prey and attack? Until it becomes more obvious, or until the Lord enlightens, you have no discernment regarding the dog. All you are equipped with is what is going on with you.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Dogs don't bother me much. I'm more guarded around cats. I find them quite unpredictable. They draw you in with their sweet demeanor, then suddenly, as quick as lightning, they attack. Give me a dog over a cat any day, lol.

It may be that you are going to run into a dog (big revelation huh)? The dog may represent another, their spirit, or a gifting. You get the picture. You are apprehensive around large dogs and nothing wrong with that. They can cause some serious harm if they aren't friendly and aggressive. Nothing wrong with taking precautions. Until the dog reveals his intentions, I think that is wise of you. Just don't jump to conclusions because you have no discernment in this dream regarding the dog and his intentions. Some may make the mistake of judging the dog as evil because they may fear the dog. Hey, I won't say they are exactly wrong because I'm not God. I just sense that in those instances it is more about us than the dog.

And our apprehensions may be founded, but of yet, we do not know. My advice would be not to jump to conclusions. Don't attack the dog, but sure, use precautions and you may want to keep a safe distance until you have a better understanding of its intentions.

On a symbolic note, hunting dogs have a keen sense of smell and are used to flush out prey. Smell may represent discernment and maybe the prey is the forces of darkness. That's a positive spin on things. A negative spin would be that the dog has ill intentions and may cause harm to others.

Red can speak of passion, zeal. Again, I wouldn't partake of the knowledge of good and evil because we have no illumination yet. These things can be a good thing if found in Him. If not, it can result in more harm than good.

That's all I got. That is the most I have said in the shortest dream I've read. As I've said, I'm currently writing on this topic so it just began to flow.

I hope the dog ends up being well intended and you both become good friends and do some good together.
And now I bid you goodbye. Have to move on to other things.
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Re: Red Dog

Post by JayD »

I wanted to add one more thing.

Awhile back I had a dream of a dog trailing me and looking at me as if trying to size me up.

I was also apprehensive about the dog.

The next day I was attacked by another. This person didn't really know me and saw me as a hinderance to what they were looking to do. Another, who did know me well and had authority over the situation, came to my defense and reprimanded them.

Because of the dream I was fully aware that an attack may be coming, and I was able to handle it in what I felt was an appropriate response. It came as no surprise, although at the time I didn't know if it would end in an attack and from where it would be coming from.

That's it. I pray it all works out.
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Re: Red Dog

Post by bjcollin »

Pastor JKG,

At first I was thinking about an old children's show my son used to watch Clifford the big red dog... but then I remembered I love you boys in the Carolinas and your hunting dogs... hahaha
I feel that the dream speaks to someone you will encounter soon who is a little bit standoff-ish and you don't know how to approach them yet, maybe a good ole boy type of person. The parking garage speaks to being stuck or parked in life at the current moment and not moving forward. Maybe a good ministry opportunity coming up to help move them forward. Just some ideas, but I hope this helps some on the dream.

in Christ,