Unknown mission with mom and sis

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Unknown mission with mom and sis

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In this dreams, I seemed to be traveling in a car with my mother and sister. My mom was driving.Though I never saw there faces I sensed their presence. On the way to wherever we were going, I remember being at what looked to be the front desk area of a corporate office. On the wall was large lettering that said “Huckleberry Farms”.
It was very clear. Nothing happened here, it just stood out to me.
Then me and my sister was on the back of a box tuck to get something while my mother waited in the car for us. I don’t know what we were there to get but I remember picking up several income tax checks as we were going through boxes. The next thing I know, we were going through different areas delivering the income tax checks to the people that they belonged to.
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Re: Unknown mission with mom and sis

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Hi. Just some things you can pray about to see if there is something the Lord would like you to take from this dream.

First, parts of your dream are kind of vague, so makes it a bit of a challenge to follow, but I'll lay out what i see that may, or may not fit

Your mom driving you and your sister may represent things that have been instilled in both of you by your mom (or whomever she represents) that may be a driving force in your lives.

When i read Huckleberry Farm i was reminded of one of my favorite novels, Huckleberry Finn. I decided to look up Huckleberry Farms though to see if there was one that actually existed, and there is, and it appears to have similarities to the novel in regards that they both cover ethical issues. It is possible that the farm represents a place that covers ethical issues.

The last portion may speak of going over others burdens and eventually being equipped with things you and sis can give others to enrich their lives. These things are particular to each individual.

You can pray about it and see if there was something in there for you from the Lord. My input, if this is about ethics, is that ethics can at times be more from the human spirit than God's Spirit. Not that ethics in itself is bad because i don't believe that, but without the Lord's Spirit behind it to give it his Life, it wil eventually lead humans to pride and looking down on others for not sharing our ethical views. The ethic may be a good one, like the check may be, but it depends on what the human that cashes the check / ethic is grounded in. If not grounded in Christ, then it can be like some awful zombie movie where darkness enters the picture and you then have the living dead, attacking others and looking to infect them with the virus, creating more zombies.

Even religion can go there. Everything needs to be grounded in the Lord's Spirit through Christ, otherwise we are just a prideful bunch looking down on the other side.

It all comes down to what everything is rooted in. If not in Christ it's been cut off from the tree of life and will meet with death.