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Hello everyone I had a very strange dream this morning. I woke up from it and was shook by it. It was very real and I could physically sense what was going on. I rarely have dreams about God or speaking to Him in my dreams. I hope someone can try to interpret it.

I was standing on a beach near the shore and behind me there was a field of land with many palm trees. I was watching the ocean quietly in peace enjoying the breeze and nature. All of a sudden there was a strong wind and it seemed like a tornado or hurricane was about to pass by. Then I knew God's presence was there and even His presence was so strong that it enveloped the entire ocean/land. I felt the fear of The Lord but I never felt such fear before. I was not scared or afraid but I could feel how mighty He was. I felt in my heart that God was not pleased. He was angry because of all the unrighteousness, pride and evil in people's hearts and in the world.

All of a sudden in the sky appeared a swirling black hole and it was like a vacuum. I could feel the force and it was so strong that it was pulling the sky into itself. I was terrified. I was witnessing how God can easily take away the world just as easily He created it with one word. This black hole was growing larger and the ocean was being sucked into it. Gradually the whole earth was being sucked into this black hole and there was nothing but space and the stars. The beach/ocean/earth/land became like a blanket that was being pulled in by the black hole. It was no longer 3 dimensional. I was floating in space.

I did not want God to destroy the earth so before it was completely swallowed whole, I quickly grabbed the tip of the "blanket" of earth with all the might I had and pulled it down and out of the black hole with both hands. I felt the force of gravity, it was terrifying. I told God, "Father I'll repent, I'll repent for those who are sinning. Please forgive us, forgive them, please forgive us for not repenting! I will pray so please don't take the world!" I was grabbing onto the tip of the "blanket" of land and stretched it back down. The black hole was gone but the force was still lingering and things were calm again. I was standing on the beach again and I turned around to look behind me to see the aftermath. The palm trees were broken and it looked like a hurricane had passed by. I felt a great burden yet a relief and I thought to myself "Now we have to fix the land and repair what's been broken." Then I grabbed a tip of the "blanket" of land and put it in my pocket. I was holding on so right so it wouldn't get sucked into the black hole again. I don't know how this is possible but it's a dream! I felt like I was one of the people who was now responsible for preserving the land and keeping it from being destroyed because I took the action to pull the "blanket" of earth out of the black hole.

After this happened I stepped inside a small church. I could sense that the church was struggling and it was disorganized. Service began but I did not see the pastor and instead a church member was talking about something at the pulpit. It was a crowd of people from mid 20's- early 30's.

Everyone on the left side of the sanctuary seemed to be very liberal and they were smoking hookah in the middle of service. I was shocked. Somebody whispered to me and said "Look they're smoking hookah in church!" It seemed like the church wanted to attract members so they were making it very liberal and actually conforming to society. I was seated on the right side of the sanctuary and I felt people seated on my side were actually genuine believers of God who were trying to seek Him and follow His ways.

All of a sudden the pastor came up. He looked like a drunk man with his beard grown out, hair disheveled and with sunken eyes. It seemed that he was once a passionate preacher who had a bright vision and wanted to do God's works but he had lost that vision. He wasn't living His life as a leader should. He seemed discouraged and just tired of everything. Burnt out. Suddenly a church member began to complain to the pastor in the middle of service and how he didn't like what the pastor was doing or his style. It seemed like this wasn't the first time and the pastor was saying "yeah yeah yeah..." but the church member continued to bicker with the pastor. The pastor finally exploded and said "Yeah you want to come up here? Then you do it!" and he left the sanctuary.

My heart broke for the church, for the people and the pastor. I looked around and behind me. I was still shook by what happened before with the black hole and I wanted to share it with someone but didn't know who. I was very eager to tell everyone that we have to pray, repent and turn our hearts back to God! Then I saw my cousin behind me and she could tell I was restless so she asked what was going on. I told her what happened and she mocked me "Do you really think that's going to happen? You really believe that?" She made it seem like I was stupid and she walked out of the sanctuary. I was disappointed because I felt like no one would take it seriously and believe me. I remembered I still had a portion of the "blanket" of land in my pocket.

Well that was my dream. I still feel goosebumps and feel shaky when I think about it! Because I remember the presence of God how BIG and MIGHTY He was! I never felt that kind of fear before! I don't know why I had this dream but I would appreciate anyone's input! Thank you!
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I thought this was a good sermon/article... when I saw the part of your dream about the pastor walking out it made me think of this article. Basically pastors can't win or loose anymore, it is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place...

The Pastor’s Plight - Dean Morgan, South Carolina conference IPHC

The pastor of a church is in a precarious position; he can’t please everyone! It has been said:

If he is young, he lacks experience; if his hair is grey, he’s too old for the young people.

If he has several children, he has too many; if he has no children, he’s setting a bad example.

If he preaches from his notes, he has canned sermons and is too dry; if he doesn’t use notes, he has not studied and is not deep.

If he is attentive to the poor people in the church, they claim he is playing to the grandstand; if he pays attention to the wealthy, he is trying to be an aristocrat.

If he suggests changes for improvement of the church, he is a dictator; if he makes no suggestions, he is a figurehead.

If he uses too many illustrations, he neglects the Bible; if he doesn’t use enough illustrations, he isn’t clear.

If he condemns wrong, he is cranky; if he doesn’t preach against sin, he’s a compromiser.

If he fails to please somebody, he’s hurting the church and ought to leave; if he tries to please everyone, he is a fool.

If he preaches about money, he’s a money grabber; if he doesn’t preach spiritual giving, he is failing to develop the people.

If he drives an old car, he shames his congregation; if he drives a new car, he is setting his affection on earthly things.

If he preaches all the time, the people get tired of hearing one man; if he invites guest speakers, he is shirking his responsibility.

If he receives a large salary, he’s mercenary; if he receives only a small salary, well-it proves he isn’t worth much anyway.

According to the Pastor Care Network:

80% of pastors believe ministry has negatively affected their families.
33% say that being in ministry is an outright hazard to their families.
75% report a significant stress-related crisis at least once in their ministry.
50% feel unable to meet the demands of the job.
70% say they have a lower self-image now than when they started.
40% report a serious conflict with a parishioner at least once a month.
70% do not have somebody they consider a close friend.
50% have considered leaving the ministry in the last three months.
50% of those who go into full time ministry drop out in five years.
94% of clergy families feel the pressures of the pastor’s ministry.

And according to the Jan/Feb issue of The Christian Examiner, between 1,400 and 1,600 Christian leaders leave the ministry every month. {2004}

The Alban Institute estimates that 17% of pastors are experiencing burnout. A study of one major denomination concluded that less than one-third of its pastors were happy in their work. Another 30% were "deeply ambivalent" about ministry. And 40% described themselves as "heading for burnout."
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When I read your dream, this is what came to me:

Your dream starts out with you standing in a vunderable (speaks of your condition of your heart for revelation to happen) spot for a storm, on a beach near water. I see the Palm trees as representing people. The Keys of the dream as you already know is the strong presence of God enveloping the Land and water (No place to escape or no excuse for not knowing his present).

Fear of God...about unrighteousness of the people.

The black hole reminds me of a verse. I thought of a verse in Jeremiah:

Jeremiah 4:28

28 For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black, because I have spoken it; I have purposed it and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

Matthew Henry commentary on it:

To affect them the more with the greatness of the desolation that was coming, the prophet does himself bitterly lament it, and sympathize with his people in the calamities it brought upon them, and the plunge it brought them to, representing it as a reduction of the world to its first chaos, Jer. 4:19-31.

Your dreams speaks of warning of Chaos coming and the need to repent. Your part played in the dream speaks of the sympathizing with the people when you see what is happening; therefore, you intercede for the people through prayer asking the Lord to forgive them.
Please forgive us, forgive them, please forgive us for not repenting! I will pray so please don't take the world!"
By pulling the blanket out of the black hole....and back to the earth speaks of the Lord hearing your intercession (or his church's intercession).

When all was settled, you looked at the aftermath (the aftermath of a prevented judgement). You saw broken palm trees (broken people). You felt a great burden..yet a relief...now to fix the land and repair what's been broken. This speaks of the Church waking up or being stirred...after intercession ...to walk in the way she was designed and destined to walk. An awaken active vessel of God.

In your dream, you grabbed a tip of the blanket of land.....and put it in your pocket. To me this speaks of you taking ownership of an area of the world (neighborhood, city, state, nation ???) to be responsible for watching over...so it wouldn't be sucked into the black hole (judgement...condemnation of God). It speaks of your personal intercession in this part of the dream. You said you felt like one of the people who was now responsible for preserving the land and keeping it from being destroyed because...you took action
....once which turned into an awakening with responsiblity or ownership.

This next portion of the dream speaks of the church before waking up...perhaps the reason the black hole was sent.

Stepping into the small church was speaking of the church condition today. (small, struggling, disorganized service) The reason given in the dream was No Pastor. I thought about the scriptures of the foolish shephards:

Zechariah 11:15-17

King James Version (KJV)

15 And the Lord said unto me, Take unto thee yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

16 For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.

Do you see how the church member in the pulpit protrays that the Pastor (shephard) left the flock unattended? It speaks of the attitude of the shephards...leaving the flock broken....that fits the aftermath of broken trees! Also, the place of Vunderability..for a storm!

The crowd of people from Mid 20 to 30's...speaks of the generation when this will occur or see it.

The unattended flock will resemble...left side liberal...lol smoking hookah. Speaks of no reverence....reason for the blackhole coming...need to repent. Why..is that happening...because the shephards are wanting to attract members, social club. However, the right side of the church ..(speaks of spilt in sanctuary....genuine vs those water down the requirements). Speaks of santification call for the church.

The return of the Pastor. Sunken eyes...speaks of the once a vision but lost his orginal vision just as you describe it. His appearance was explained by yourself...once passionate, not living his life as a leader, discouraged and tired of everything..burned out. This speaks of you (or the church) having understanding that the Pastor is a victum also. How is he a victum? Your dream answers that: A member complain in the middle of church (speaks of belittled and embarrashed, shamed) about what he was doing or his style. (speaks of not lifting up the pastor).....speaks of the body of church abusing leadership and making judgement which is not of God...thinking they are doing God's work. Sounds like a strategy of the enemy.

Your heart broke for the church and the Pastor. You saw the big picture...you saw the church through God's eyes.

The rest speaks of you being a voice to the revelation with understanding that there will be people who will mock you....not believe you....sounds like all the prophets before you!

The key is the end....you remember that you still had a portion of the of the Blanket of land in your pocket. Your chosen ownership...it does not matter what others think about you...what matters is the bigger picture...and God's call on you. That portion of the world God has given to you!! So where ever that is.....take full ownership...on the peoples behalf!

That is what your dream spoke to me.

May the Lord Strenghten you and annoint you. May he give you insight and clear vision to see the big picture always. Lord, open the hearing to your voice...so they may be guided through and around the traps of the enemy. In Jesus name...amen.
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Post by winterjade »

Thank you for the article! And thank you Jackie for such a thorough interpretation of my dream with attention to every detail and referring to the scriptures. I appreciate it so much and it aligned with what I was sensing in my heart also. I'm so grateful thank you so much! I have been praying and seeking God for more answers.