owner's Son and red tree

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owner's Son and red tree

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I was workin and I was invited to a party celebrating co-workers engagement

I wanted to bring a gift ...at work they had ply board they said it is free and it makes a great gift ...so I cut board with help from co-worker ...it had milk on it though ...we carried it though mud

then I met owner's Son ...he was very cool to me ....I just wanted to hang with him ...I followed him around as he worked on stuff and i helped him

I could not help loving this guy right away ...it was his smile

I was cleaning grain elevator and there was a white rat running on white tread mill

I was cleaning it with a white wash cloth ...then it got caught in gears that included farming implement like a disc plow, that was caked with old grain residue, like water and grain dust would make

I felt like I made a huge mistake ...but Son acted like it was no big deal ...in fact, I got impression he knew and meant for this to happen

he removed gear thing out of it's place, and put it in junk pile and then he said come with me

he ran ahead ...then I saw bottle in his hand and he took a drink then ran up a big red tree ...I followed him ...I don't know how though, the tree bark was stripped and tree was slick, and I had rubber boots

we sat in tree together just to hang out ...never did make it to party because I wanted to hang with Son