Elevators Bombed

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Elevators Bombed

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Dream: I observed a plain dressed man standing alone in an elevator, on the floor to his right was a plaid duffle (gym bag). He acted like any normal person on their way to work, nothing suspicious really. The elevator door opened and in came the rush of people getting ready to go to work etc. The man reached down for something in his bag, and when he stood up, the elevator door blew open. Bodies flew out of the elevator, some folks crawled out, and others were blown to pieces. He did not make it out alive, as if it was his assignment to die.. There was mass hysteria, as this was a very large building. I am not sure but it seemed as if it was either in Chicago or New York, but it was a major city. End of dream..
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Post by bella »

Hi RevK

As you would know, dreams can be literal (prophetic) or symbolic. I've had dreams which appear totally symbolic and they've turned out to be literal and vice versa.

What's you gut telling you?

If I had dreamt this, I would simply pray that God would intervene and stop this person - and if it's real, He will.

If it's symbolic, pray into that too, because it seems that someone's trying to cause a large amount of damage.