Dream of the end times?

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Dream of the end times?

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The dreams starts off with me under some kind of cloth that I think was white. I start feeling this strange feeling that I've never felt before. I knew that I was moving through time and space and it lasted about 6 to 10 seconds. After that feeling stopped I pulled the cover off my head and I was in a bed with white sheets. I was outside somewhere. There were two women with me... one I didn't know and the other was my aunt. I felt this incredible feeling of peace and understanding. The was this notebook beside me that had "EMPLOYMENT" in big black letters on the top. I turn the page and what I saw made me think it was from the Devil. There were numbers ( I think they were a bunch of 6's I couldn't really tell ), a 5 pointed star and hands that were doing the devil horns ( like rockstars do ). I put the notebook down and I noticed that the woman and my aunt were handcuffed ( I don't know why ). Immediately after, I look towards the horizon and I hear people screaming. A voice beside me said "The beheading! ". I knew that the anti-Christ was coming and that he was killing people.

I never did feel a feeling of fear in the dream. In fact when I woke up I felt so good and peaceful that I wanted it to continue so I could see more. Can anybody tell me what this dream means?

Also... could this have been a vision? Because I felt like I was actually travelling somewhere while I was under the cloth. It felt so real.