My Deceased Mother giving approval of my Ex (She never met)

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My Deceased Mother giving approval of my Ex (She never met)

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Hey Blessed Ones!

I had a dream yesterday about 6:00am I dreamed I was looking through some paper in an envelope for something I knew was supposed to be very important then I end up looking in a pad setup like a Notebook that appeared in my hand, in the dream I started looking in book from the BACK First then I was flipping pages going towards the front of the book. First thing I notice as I started turning from the back was a picture of recently deceased actor Paul Walker smiling in blk & white then about a page or 2 away turning forward were 2 Blk & White pics of my Ex one pic on left side of page and the other on the right side of page that were like catalog modeling shots (He's had photo shoots before..he's model in past) in both pics he was wearing a suit jacket which was opened so you could see the sort & tie (he was seated in both pics) in one pic he had on Aviation shades and I saw emphasis in one he had a 6o'clock shadow facial hair.

So I got up with the book and showed my Mother who has been deceased for 15 yrs and she has NEVER met him I started telling her take a look at my Chocolatey handsome hubby, she was in the kitchen preparing something on the kitchen counter.

**Then she grabbed the book to look at my ex's pics and she was very happy for me, she kept saying "We will be Good together" and that we understand and respect each other for who we are and I kept re-iterating what she was saying by agreeing with her, that yes we do respect and understand each other. She hugged me tight and said, "I like him for you he will make a good husband for you." She was just sooo happy for me!

***Then I believe at the end she said something like I can't believe he wants to be my friend or that he friend requested her or something like that (in regards to my ex) which is what I found to be odd, because I was like why would she care whether he wanted to be her friend or not!

Then i WOKE up!

I really need help understanding the entire dream, WHY
-Paul Walker pic in my book in Blk/White?
-Why Did I start going through book from the back first?
-Why was there (2) modeling looking pics of ex?
-What was my mother symbolizing?
-Why did she care If he wanted to be her friend or friend her?

Thanks in Advance! :D
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