Don"t tell Ike

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Don"t tell Ike

Post by connie »

Good morning all you Blessed of the Lord,

I had the following dream this past Sunday and I have been prayerfully pondering the statement all week. Any spirit-led insight would be most appreciated. Or even a quick prayer for understanding.

A woman was standing almost face-to-face in front of me. The woman was about a head shorter than I. She was speaking in a lowered voice into my left ear, telling me something confidential. At the end of her disclosure, she said "Don't tell Ike, okay?" I said, No I won't. I was puzzled as to why she would mention Ike. My first thought about Ike was that he is a very nice, pleasant man and he doesn't have the influence or authority in the company like the other management located at corporate office. Ike is a project manager under contract for a specified time period. I also thought I am not the type of person who would repeat a confidence.

I awoke puzzled. All the information about Ike is true in real life. The woman seemed to be speaking to me in a conspiring spirit. Although I was listening, I didn't feel like a co-conspirator. My spirit was simply 'listening'. I wasn't particularly interested in what she was telling me. What puzzles me is the statement to not tell Ike.

Thank you in advance

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Post by underhiswing »

Whenever someone says "don't tell so and so" it is a warning flag that you don't want to hear or be associated with the information or the messenger.

The ear is on the left, that is the side of man, the right side is the godly side, so that makes sense to me too. She is symbolic or literal. Look back and see if you know her or if she has mannerisms or clothing that reminds you of someone you know. She is shorter than you because she is shorter/lower in spirit (for now anyway).

This may be something to sit on until it surfaces in real life. Or, it is something current and is symbolic of someone at church, neighborhood, or in the family that has a "temporary" presence just as Ike does at work, as he may just be symbolic of that person.

Lord I thank you that you only speak to us about things that you will fully reveal at just the right time. Bless her and stand with her against whatever unwanted thing is coming. Cover her with your blood Lord Jesus, and fill her with your wisdom and mercy. Give her boldness when she needs it. In Jesus name ..Amen