hubby's snake dream

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hubby's snake dream

Post by kingnme »

My hubby had a dream of snakes

being the fighter he is ...(he fights in way! i run...LoL!)

so he goes over (hE gOeS ovEr?????)

he PuLLs on the snakes tail to get rid of it

hmmmm... There was a bit of a tug..he pulls again

only to find out the snake he is adamantly YaNkiNg on

is biting oFF the head of the other snake

(as he was telling me this my first thought was yeeehaw!!!!)

is there any insight thank you everyone
Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? micah 4:9
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Post by jackiebauerle »

Not saying this is interpetation, but the first thing I thought of when I read this was Moses Staff.

Moses staff was the visual aid of the authority he was coming in behalf of...God. His staff dropped matched the sorrcer's magic (becoming a serpent also) but it then over powered the sorrcers serpents. Giving the message that the one he serves is more powerful then the one they serve.

He then picks it up again by the tail. That brings me to the dream. Your husband picks this snack up by the tail (meaning control of the snake). You said he was yanking on it. This speaks of Struggle to obtain that place of dominate or wanting the power.

The first part of the dream speaks of his vision being limited to the struggle of the snake get rid of it....over come it.

The second part is the second vision...the bigger picture. This snake is killing or cutting off the heads of another snake.

Two things now come to mind:

1. His vision was limited to one danger when there really was two
2. The timing of his part: two at one time; first snake busy with its own its response to the tail tug.

You characterize your husband as a fighter. This maybe speaking of him coming into a place of authority through a challenging situation by faith that will give him a greater victory then his can see right now. (Moses snake returned to being his staff: authority again after the challenge was over) (he had to act on faith for all this to happen...even to pick up his staff by the tail).

Just a thought for your review. May the Lords Best come into your husbands life.