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This morning I woke up and went back to sleep and as I was falling asleep I was thinking about the new superman movie I watched the other night and it was as if in the dream someone was showing me superman and his strength and I looked up and saw my daughter with head held high and hands on hips as the wind blew across her body and her hair flying in the breeze and I said "wow she is strong!" At one point I thought she was floating and then saw she was standing on a big rock and the wind was still strong as it moved across her body and face and hair....I woke up and was immediately wide awake and my mind was thinking my daughter was superwoman or supergirl :)

My daughters name is Rayne (sounds like rain) and she is the one everyone was praying for in the prayer section of this board.
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Post by keilani »

The Rock reminds me of her standing firm on the rock no matter what the winds (circumstances) of life may try to bring to move her off of Him. I think it's a great encouragement of how He sees Rayne in the spirit sister!

Praying continued strength for each of you and that you will grow stronger together in Him and in your faith! What a great dream:)
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