Husband murdered..packing to escape

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Husband murdered..packing to escape

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I was in the new health department. They had a huge indoor/outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub. I went into the bathroom. It was HUGE! There were tons of stalls. I even saw people sitting down in what looked like a rest area. I couldn't find a open stall. The one open one I did find was a shower. I told someone it doesn't matter if there are like 500 stalls there is never a open one in the women's bathroom (common problem lol) I then went back by the pool again. There was a group of people standing there. I went to stand by Melanie (my cousin) and her 2 daughters (she actually has a son and daughter in real life not 2 daughters). Both daughters were in matching Christmas dresses.

Scene Changed. I was then watching this women (yet I was her..if that makes sense) Her husband had been murdered. This lady was at another lady's house doing yard work. She moved a glider chair back to it's original place. The women that lived there couldn't believe that she was out in public. I knew that those women were responsible for his death since they didn't like him. I looked down and saw dirt under my nails. I thought it's because I've been doing yard work and gardening. I knew they were going to say I murdered him.

I was then back at the house. I was helping a little girl pack. Mom was there too. We were packing candy that was in a cabinet. We had Dove Chocolate and Caramels and dolls for the girl. There was also a drawer with Christmas CDs. Most were her fathers. I didn't recognize any of them. The girl said she didn't know any of those. I told her I think there was a Martina McBride one in there. We found that one and put it in our suitcase. The Ipod was then playing the music we just put in the suitcase. I knew the volume had to be down so they wouldn't hear it. Police were investigating the murder. I turned the ipod down so when they did make it to our house they wouldn't hear it. I had 2 suitcases packed and moved them into the hallway for us to take. They were heavy. I thought it must be hard to be a single mother of 2 young children. Mom was now the wife of the murdered man. Mom asked the girl if she was taking her coat. I was going to put it in the bag too. The little boy wasn't home yet. He was at a friends house and hadn't been dropped off yet. I saw out the window that a car pulled up. I knew our time was running out and that once we left we may not be back for a very long time. I thought like in the Sound of Music. We were leaving because everybody thinks she murdered her husband when she actually didn't. It wasn't safe to be there right now.

I then saw a list of names of people who had given their resignation. On the list was a name of the person I have been praying for. I thought so he finally found a new job.