unknown floor on elevator/spinning wine glass

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unknown floor on elevator/spinning wine glass

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I was in Virginia and had a gift for Joanna a friend of mine. I went to an office building which I thought was a 7-story building. When I walked in the building, two women standing behind a counter asked me why I was there and who I wanted to see. I told them I had a gift for Joanna and opened my hand and showed them what appeared to be a bracelet or something. They smiled and we got on the elevator and I think I pushed what I thought was the top floor which was the 7th floor. When we got to that floor, the door opened and I leaned out and it didn't look like my floor. The woman said Joanna was on the penthouse floor so they accessed the elevator and we went to that floor.
Scene changed and I was standing by a table at some kind if picnic. People were all around and the scene was light and happy. My mother was sitting at one of the tables facing outward talking to me. We seemed to be full of joy. I had a glass of red wine in my left hand and a paddle in my right hand. The paddle was wooden and looked like a ping pong paddle. My mother said something to me and I smiled and spiked the glass of wine with the paddle and it went spinning like a top onto the grass till it slowed down and tipped over and the wine spilled out.
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Hi Larrythedreamer

In this dream there is a rise in the Spirit where you experience favor with God and with others. (elevator up to 7th floor and penthouse building with Joanna) Joanna means graciousness.

Higher preceptive to see more from God's viewpoint bringing clearer understanding of your potential and God's will in Christ. This involves expression of your gifts. In the Bible gifts can also speak of commitment and agreement with another. Could be in a ministry or Job context

Your mother says something to you in your ear. mothers in dreams can signify the Holy Spirit who counsels, initiates and leads saints further into God's will. ( Jesus mentions himself symbolically in his parable as a hen (mother) wanting to gather chicks to herself) Luke 13:34

could be a word play on paddle

a paddle is also associated with activity along a lake or river as well as mixing and stirring. A possible counsel of God to you is to stir the gift of God within you( wine glass symbolic of you as a vessel of God). So you are a blessing unto others further thru the Holy Spirit.( wine spilling out of the cup)

It sounds like God wants to open up more opportunities to you!

2 Timothy 1:6
Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

Larrythedreamer. Toss away if not relevant Happy New Year!