Pond looking at fish eggs, washing clothes, convertible

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Pond looking at fish eggs, washing clothes, convertible

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Was outside at a pond. The water was going down so I was filling it up. It was going beyond where the pond normally is. So that part was technically flooded. I told someone that was with me look there goes my fish. The we're swimming into the area that was flooded. There were a bunch of large fish. Zach and I were looking for fish eggs. I found one. I used tweezers to pick it up. It was then in a bag. I picked the bag up (like one you bring new fish home in) and looked at the egg. I could see the egg was fertile. It then hatched and was a calico fantail looking fish. I thought "hmm I don't have any fish like this one". I had heard it make a sound like a baby chick. I put the bag into a container and told Zach there were more over here. We were filling the pond up to cover the eggs so they would hatch.

I saw 2 men then dive into the ground. There was a leak there beneath the ground that causing the pond to loose water. They were going to fix it. Mom then handed me a bunch of clothes and socks to wash. They belonged to some else. I was picking all of them up. It was a large stack.

I then saw something about the winner was a baby bel convertible. I saw babies sitting on it. It drove by kind of like in a parade.