Death dreams

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Death dreams

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Hello everyone,

Dreams of someone dying are always unsettling for me. Unfortunately I've had reoccurring dreams of someone close to me dying at the hand of her friend. Whenever I have dreams of someone dying my experience has been either it's symbolic (spiritual death), to lessen the blow (it comes to pass), and call to intercede. I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on this because maybe my theories for lack of a better word are wrong or I'm leaving something out. Please share your thoughts about how to handle death dreams.

Also, when should you pray a dream away or should you at all? For example I've had painful reoccurring dreams in the past that I felt were evil tortuous dreams from the enemy and I prayed to stop having them and the dreams came to pass. I thought maybe The Lord allows the enemy to influence dreams so I know what to pray against (spiritual warfare) but I don't know. I would really appreciate any insight.

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Re: Death dreams

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I think we should definitely pray about all things that concern us. . .and certainly evil tortuous dreams from the enemy.
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Re: Death dreams

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God let people to have dark dreams from the enemy to expose devil's strategy. So you can pray about it.