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Dream (last night):
I was standing outside (daytime) looking up at this glowing light thingy, that seemed to have lettering on it, as if it had a message. I tried to make it out but couldn't. It came very close to me, then lifted itsself back into the clouds. It looked like a type of space ship.. I do remember it kept following me and I was trying to get away from it.. Then the scene switched to the front yard of someone's home. There were a lot of people standing around trees. Out of the sky came a silverish looking something. I wish I could define what it looked like, it's just not possible. I ran in the house and hid behind the curtains. It had 6 possibly 7 legs to it (they were joined together) then it spread out like a fan. The people on the ground began to pray and suddenly the legs began to curl up, turn black, separate and pulled back up into the clouds. While they were pulling back, they looked like black, fanged vicious snakes. This dream had an errie feeling about it.
Please I could really use some help with this...
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Re: Spaceships....

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Here is what I feel on this dream... Foreign message from the enemy keeps being presented to you, it is way out there so to speak. 6 Is the number of man, but it is an evil message. Keep praying against it and it will go away and leave you alone. Hope this helps.

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