home invasion

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home invasion

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I am in my childhood home.
I was talking to a friend on the phone (who I am concerned about irl) when my husband comes home. Well I am having a much needed conversation with her so I haven't gotten myself or our son ready to go out. I realize my husband will be very upset. I finally tell my friend very rudely that I have to go.

I get our 8 year old dressed and I see that he has tattoos on his wrists. They are of basketball cards but still I am shocked my husband allowed it.

There is a home invasion next door so I agree to purchase a gun. A man comes to the second floor of my childhood home and I try to shoot him. Nothing happened so I give the gun to my husband and he pulls the trigger but nothing happens. The man laughs yelling to his accomplice that we don't know how to shoot him.

Then I try to lock the door but it doesn't lock. Finally I dial the police on an old phone and I can see words displayed in front of me, I tell the operator his name is Karl Johnson and he says, "don't say my name" I also mention he drives a Ford. The licence plate number is moving to fast to repeat. The man says his accomplice is coming and he's already killed 3 people. I'm terrified and hide behind the bed feeling utterly helpless. I tell the operator to please hurry and send help.

Frightening dream!