finally had a dream again

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finally had a dream again

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in my dream there were multiple scenes

one where i was at school with some kids and doing some kind of activity but i didn't have my notes and i was reluctant to admit it but i had to
i was embarassed and from there i might have done something to get in trouble

there was a large crowd in a room and some "Cop" or on-campus security

they singled me out for something and i tried to be somewhat humorous and smart mouth to them, like there was a party and some dancing going on and the Cops told me they would get me but i told them that things were just fine the way they were, that i should be left alone

i was chased, i was outside running away

the dream changed to me and my mom in a truck driving on some dirt road to somewhere, my mom was driving

then an animal started chasing us

i KNEW this animal was a PET...someone's pet and i felt really bad about because this pet kept chasing us and chasing us for a long distance

i thought it was a dog but it was a

might be nothing but i'm dreaming this randomly after a few anxious nights trying to talk to some females on a dating site, racking my brains trying to figure out WHO is acceptable and who isn't

feeling extremely lonely

the lonliness has driven me to do negative things like wasting money and eating junk's THAT powerful

i would only wish it on those who deserve it
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Re: finally had a dream again

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As I responded to your prayer moments ago: I am only now reading this. To me this only confirms the phase of testing you are in.

All I can say on my heart for you is Psalm 138. No matter what, He is there. In your words, thoughts, even decisions. He is there with you. Step out in Faith.